Delta - Makes the difference

This new generation of wire binding machine for medium size bundles is operated with a combination of gear motors and a minimal hydraulic unit. The wire guide track is of double turn type and knot is extremely tight to the bundle. The tightening around the bundle during the wire stretching operation is performed by mechanical flaps.

Our new generation is built from 50 years of experience and customer requirements:

     • Short cycle time
     • Low maintenance requirements
     • Long lifetime
     • Easy installation & commissioning

The KN Delta machine is designed to bind with wire around large bundles of reinforcing steel, bars, tubes etc. It is equipped with one type of wire guide, a single- or a double binding sequence can be done around the bundles.

Equipped with mechanical flaps along wire guide to hold and control the binding wire during feeding. A trigger mechanism releases the flap during streching when the binding wire reaches a certain angle.

             • No oil lines along the guide
             • No oil leakes
             • No contamination of the bars

The KN Delta machine is fully automatic, but can also be operated manually from a local control panel.


Each machine is designed to be working completely automatically, but each of the different functions can be manually operated. The control panel MCD-1 is developed for easy operation of the machine during maintenance.

The MCD-1 is a hand-held machine control device for Sund Birsta machines. It's equipped with a 7" Touch Screen.

The MCD-1 is a multifunctional tool, which can be connected in both operator cabin as well as directly on the machine to check status and get logged information about alarms and warnings. This saves time during maintenance and troubleshooting.

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