Binding machine KNCA

The KNCA machine is designed to bind with wire around large bundles of reinforcing
steel, bars, tubes etc.

It can be equipped with two different types of wire guide, a single- or a double and in different
sizes, which can bind both square and round bundles.

The machine can be confederated as movable in- and out of the production line due to a hydraulic motor
and a rack. It can also be designed to move along the production line on a carriage.

As extra accessories are hydraulically openable wire guide and tag marker.

The KNCA machine has to be connected electrically to the main PLC-system, it operate as an integrated
part in the plant.

The KNCA machine is fully automatic, but can also be operated manually from a local control panel.

The KNCA machine can be installed either to an external hydraulic supply or a ”machine-specific” supply.

The bundles are transported through the machine by a roller conveyor. When a bundle is in position
for binding the machine starts automatically.

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