PCH Alfa II - State of the art improved


An essential parameter has always been the cycle time which can mean the difference between the necessity to install two compactors instead of one to handle the desired production rate.

The short cycle time of the Alfa II is a result of combining the power compensated hydraulic power unit with advancements with electrical drives for the feeding units and the mechanical pulley rolls in the wire guide system.





For different material qualities and sizes a very high compacting force can be critical for achieving a compact coil of high quality.

The PCH Alfa II is equipped with a hydraulic system that enables stepless adjustment of the pressforce up to a maximum of 500kN. All system components, as well as the frame work are sofisticated solid and adnvanced design to handle the high press forces.




In spite of the increased performance the energy consumption for the PCH Alfa II is now even more reduced, giving the Alfa II a more than distinctive advantage of it's competitors in also the environmental field.

















The KNB binding head makes parallel twisted strong knots with no protruding ends.
The protection covers are easy to dismount for quick and safe maintenance.








The strapping head SBHX5 is the latest product from Sund Birsta.
The protection covers are easy to dismount for quick and safe maintenance. The SBHX5 strapping head punches five pairs of seals.
Four lock seals and one security seal.

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