Sealing Unit

• Patented tight sealing design.
• Design that ensures high availability.
• Service-friendly design with easy accessibility.
• Tight and sealed design.
• Integrated hydraulic channel construction (less hoses needed).
• Optional dust protection with compressed air.
• Optional lubrication of the unit with mist lubrication.
• Wear part replacement within 15 minutes.
• High personal mechanical safety.


Feeding unit

• Designed to ensure high reliability.
• Solid designed easy removable side roller blocks.
• Service-friendly design with easy accessibility.


Strap guide, openable

• Heavy duty design.
• Adjustable straightening unit, easy accessibility.
• Service friendly design with easy accessibility.
• Clean blowing cut outs.


Hydraulic block

• Integrated pressure sensor.
• Self adjusting proportional pressure and flow valve for feeding / stretching sequence.
• Compact design

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