Workshop service

We want every part of your Sund Birsta equipment to be as good as when it was first put into use. When it comes to looking after you and your business/production, we are in it for the entire life span of the machines.

Exchange service

Our premium solution. With this agreement Sund Birsta will keep spare units for direct shipping at order. The customer then replaces the units and return the wornout one for service. This option guarantees the quickest turnaround of units. 

Fixed price service

Only available for some units. If order is placed and planned the turnround in this case can be short.

Inspection + Service

Available for all units and machines. The equipment is sent to our workshop. We inspect it and send a quotation for the service cost and delivery time.

Spare parts to the same standards as our machines

Every Sund Birsta unit has been meticulously developed to achieve the best precision and performance. And we produce spare parts to the same standards, with the same materials that went into the original unit. 

Our workshop and our staff is equipped and trained to perfection. We apply the same level of expert knowledge and attention to detail in looking after your units that went into building it. From inspections to full machine rebuilds, we’ve got everything covered. 

Each machine has its own unique service demands, and we also understand that each of our customers have their own individual requirements. Our services reflect that, and we deliver the best maintenance available for your Sund Birsta equipment.