Sund Birsta’s Latest Milestone – a subsidiary in Pune, India

We are proud to announce that Sund Birsta is opening up a new subsidiary in India at Pune. The office of SUNDBIRSTA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is located at # 301C, Delta-1, Giga Space Condominium, Viman Nagar, Pune: 411014, Maharashtra, India, where we share facilities with Danieli Centro Combustion India Pvt. Ltd.

Srinivas Yadlapalli has been appointed to manage the company which was incorporated on the 11/01/2024, by Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs. As all other subsidiaries of Sund Birsta, the target is to increase support to the local customer base by establishing local presence, enabling business in the local currency and to enable sourcing and production on the local market. First steps are connected to enable functions related to sales and procurement as well as technical support. Company is foreseen to grow over the next three-year period to incorporate also capacity for design and project management.

From a customer perspective this will mean local and improved support, shorter delivery times and elimination of unnecessary taxation and customs duties on parts and machinery. Local service will be developed over time and a stock of crucial parts will be located in the vicinity of the office.

Better service, lower cost, local manufacturing but still the same solid Sund Birsta products known to perform well on many markets and sites for decades. This is our target! 

Fabian Öhlund
MD, Sund Birsta AB

Magnus Ohlsson
Area Sales Manager, India, Sund Birsta AB

Srinivas Yadlapalli
Appointed MD, Sundbirsta India Private Ltd.